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Meet the Owner:

Zach Goldman, owner of 911 Restoration Fort Worth isn’t simply a restoration industry expert, he is also a commercial pilot, a licensed flight instructor, and in general, a man of the people.

911 Restoration Fort Worth | Zach GoldmanBeyond his passion for restoration work and flying, Zach likes to frequent local restaurants and all other cultural venues of the area where he can get in touch with the people he may one day be saving from their home disasters.

“We try to help everyone,” Zach says, “and we always make sure that the customer is our top concern at all times no matter what job we’re doing.” With his love of people, and his strong skill set in all areas of home construction and maintenance, “Restoration seemed like a great opportunity for me, and so I went for it.” Zach says.

In fact, Zach is such a great fit for the restoration industry that he has been with the company in one way or another since it began. He is one of the few branch owners to have personally worked with the founders of the company, Idan Shpizear, and Peleg Lindenberg when they were just starting out.

He learned everything from cleaning carpets to full-scale commercial restoration work during his early years with the company. This hands-on knowledge and his natural abilities with people set him up with the perfect combination of skills to be a leader for the restoration industry of Fort Worth.

If you have a water damage crisis, sewage backup, fire and smoke issue, mold contamination, or any other form of disaster, then Zach and his teams of experts with 911 Restoration Fort Worth should be the ones you call today!

Water Damage Prevention Tricks That Save The Day:

With Zach and his crews of water removal specialists always at your service, there isn’t anything to ever worry about. But there are always ways to prevent the worst from ever happening in the first place.

Water Damage Fire Damage Kitchen Location911 Restoration Fort Worth professionals agree, one way that homeowners can prevent damage from a water crisis is to stop it from ever occurring. One way to do this is by making sure to have a professional camera scope the pipes of your home every year or so. “This will help with the identification of any clogs that have built up.” Zach says.

Another element that helps homeowners avoid such disasters is to direct the outflow from downspouts and gutters away from the base of the home. This sidesteps pooling by the foundation which is one way that water finds its way into the home.

The Fort Worth staff also believes that taking the time to properly seal old windows can also be a great way to prevent disasters. Over time the paint and sealant that holds window panes in place erodes and this results in a reduced capacity to prevent water intrusion.

No matter what, the best way to make sure that your home is safe from any form of disaster is to have a professional like Zach and the experts with 911 Restoration Fort Worth do an inspection in all the trouble areas. If you’re having a water damage issues, then call Zach and his team today!

What To Expect From The Best Water Damage Team:

“Sometimes people don’t know what to expect when in the middle of a water damage crisis,” Zach says. “Most people are in a state of panic and they have no idea what to do or who to turn to, and that’s where we come in to save the day.”

911 Restoration Fort Worth | VansThe 911 Restoration Fort Worth staff knows that saving a home from water damage, especially the kind that has recently afflicted the Houston area, isn’t simply about extracting water and removing soaked drywall. It’s also about making sure that the property owner is stable and understands what has happened and what will happen going forward.

Taking care of the restoration work is never a problem, but sometimes making sure that the property owner is in the right state of mind after a disaster event like the Houston floods, can be a challenge. That’s when Zach and his team of highly trained, customer service oriented professionals truly shine.

Zach brings a heightened level of understanding to each job that he and his staff take on. “The first priority is always the customer,” he says “and giving them a Fresh Start with their home restoration includes giving them back their peace of mind too.” So if you want to give yourself and your home a Fresh Start, then call Zach and his water damage restoration crews with 911 Restoration Fort Worth today!

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